Single/Dual Swivel Connectors

MEDICOMP's complete line of tracheostomy swivels offer the end user everything needed:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-efficiency

MEDICOMP single swivel and dual swivel connectors are used in these and other applications:

  • Between the endotracheal tube and the anesthesia/ventilator breathing circuit which reduces the torque on the trachea or endotracheal/tracheal tube
  • To provide 360 degree swivel movement when using resuscitation apparatus
  • Prevention of tracheal erosion when utilized for distant patient transport

Dual swivel connectors are angled at approximately 105 degrees and are offered either with and without suction ports. All connectors are manufactured to "ISO" standards and are latex free.

MEDICOMP tracheostomy swivel adapters are also offered with 6" expandable tubing. This unique tubing "clicks" into position and holds its shape without tape or clamps. Simply open the package, "click it" into whatever angle that you prefer, and it stays set in that position. A real time saver! All swivel connectors are single patient use and packaged 50 per case. An additional specialty product from MEDICOMP is the bronchoscopy/suction swivel adapter. Formed at a 90 degree angle and equipped with a single swivel at the patient (proximal) end, this adapter's scope/suction port is in-line with the swivel opening and is constructed from self-sealing silicone material. Single patient use, latex free, and manufactured to "ISO" standards.

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