Bacterial/Viral Filters, Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Filters, Hydrophobic Filters, Nebulizer Filters

MEDICOMP has a breadth of filtration products to help improve the outcome of the respiratory patient both in the hospital and alternative care environment. MEDICOMP's family of filters include:

  1. Bacterial/Viral Filters
  2. Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Filters
  3. Hydrophobic Filters

MEDICOMP's bacterial and viral filters help provide effective protection against various types of particles including bacteria, viruses, and moisture droplets. The filters help protect the patient, the equipment, and the breathing circuit from contamination. Our bacterial/viral filters (with viral and bacterial efficiency of over 99.99+%) are manufactured in a lightweight, transparent material which helps allow patient secretions or abnormal condensation to be easily seen.

The filter media is made of permanently charged hydrophobic fibers that help enhance particle capture efficiency and give a low and stable breathing resistance even when wet. All materials are selected to be environmentally friendly when incinerated. The filters are designed with standard "ISO" fittings to help facilitate connection to different ventilators and anesthesia systems. The viral/bacterial filters are available with or without co2 sampling.

Humidification during mechanical ventilation is necessary to prevent inspissation of airway secretions, hypothermia, and atelectasis. This can be accomplished using either a heat and moisture exchanger (HME) or a heated humidifier. A humidification device should provide a minimum of 30 mg H2O/L of delivered gas at 33 +/- 2 degrees C. HME's are passive humidification systems that retain heat and moisture from the patient's exhaled gas via a hygroscopic filter.

MEDICOMP media has a condensation surface with hygroscopic coating. This helps ensure effective moisture and heat retention thus minimizing the moisture and heat loss of the patient. MEDICOMP HME's help create normal conditions in the patient's airway and lungs, which helps to reduce the risk of breathing and lung complications for patients in critical care and anesthesia environments.

MEDICOMP offers several different combined HME and filters (HMEF). All HMEFs are designed for applications in critical care, respiratory care, and anesthesia. All HME/filter combinations provide excellent moisture output greater than 30 mg H2O/L and also help provide efficient protection for both the patient and the equipment against various types of particles present in the breathing circuit. All HMEs and HMEFs are designed according to "ISO" standards to help facilitate connection to different ventilators and anesthesia systems. MEDICOMP’s hydrophobic filters are specialty filters. Nebulizer filters are utized in oxygen concentrators whereas the hydrophobic filters are used with certain ventilators at the proximal pressure line enabling the filter to repel H2O from entering into the ventilator thus protecting the machine(s).

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