CPAP Nasal Cannulas

Neonatal NICU's have greatly increased the survival of very low birth weight and extremely premature infants. In the era before NICU's, infants of birth weight less than 1400 grams ( 3 lb, usually about 30 weeks gestation) rarely survived. Today, infants of 500 grams ( 1.1 lb.) at 26 weeks have a greater chance of survival.

MEDICOMP'S specially designed, single-patient use cannula is molded from a soft, pliant inert material with two (2) short tubes which are angled for easy, non-irritating insertion into the infant's external nares. An angled flange with a round orifice allows the unit to be attached to the infant's head via the ties from the specially designed CPAP cap. The cap is designed to hold the cannula securely for the majority of infants, as well as providing warmth.

  • Permits easy access to infant for routine nursing care without interrupting CPAP therapy.
  • Leaves infant's mouth free to safely "blow-off" any pressure build-up.
  • Virtually eliminates danger of flip-flop phenomenon - oxygen and pressure fluctuations are less likely to occur than with head or body chambers.
  • Decreases chance of infection - lower airway is not subjected to irritating effects of an endotracheal tube.
  • More comfortable and less traumatic for the infant.
  • Soft inert material is pliable and non-reactive - less irritating to infant's nostrils.

MC-1011 Small Infant CPAP Nasal Cannula with Cap - For Infants under 1000 grams ( 2.2 lb.)
MC-1012 Medium Infant CPAP Nasal Cannula with Cap - For Infants 1000 - 1500 grams ( 2.2 lb. - 3.3 lb.)
MC-1013 Large Infant CPAP Nasal Cannula with Cap - For Infants over 1500 grams ( 3.3 lb.)

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